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Mission Statement

Shaping the Future of International Credit Management

Operating Principles

  • AICDP focuses on making things happen
  • The things we make happen create Cohesion and enhance Excellence within our Profession
  • Our focus is Global and we represent Credit Directors/Executives operating both within and/or across borders and we recognise all of these as part of the ‘International’ Credit Director community.
  • Our membership is drawn from (by invitation or recommendation) Established, Respected and Successful Senior Credit Professionals who possess “The DNA of an International Credit Director” as defined by our Association in 2014
  • Individual membership of AICDP is always free but Individual Members will be expected to give of their Knowledge, Talents and Time to develop and enrich the Profession
  • Corporate membership is drawn from (by invitation or recommendation) from Industry vendors who will contribute an annual Membership fee. Membership is based on a named individual being identified by the Association as being “A Subject Matter Expert” in their particular area of expertise
  • AICDP is not to be regarded as a platform for the promotion of Personal or Corporate Capability
  • AICDP Respects and Supports all Institutes, Forums and Associations that were created for the Betterment of the Profession and we actively seek areas of joint endeavour and cooperation for the Betterment of the Profession
  • Our members comply with our Code of Conduct based on mutual respect and professionalism.[AICDP Members Code of Conduct]




AICDP was formed in 2014 in response to the fact that our Profession was becoming more internationalised and that the professional institutions and groups that already existed in support of our senior professionals had not evolved sufficiently in relation to this change as their focus was national. Driven by the express wishes of our membership we created a high level international discussion/working group to address this issue. The group was designed firstly to represent our members both within and outside our profession. The requirement was to be action focussed, operate in a way that was unique in the Profession and identify what needed to be fixed and fix it. All of our ambitions, initiatives and programmes are to be delivered by harnessing the extensive talents of our membership and blending them to produce relevant and achievable programmes that add value to our Profession.

  • The identification and publication of our DNA is the touchstone for our association, it tells us who we are and what we are and will continue to be our guiding principle and mantra
  • We are committed to establishing an Internationally recognised Educational Pinnacle together with a structured pathway to ascend to that pinnacle
  • We are committed to providing both Best Practice and Best in Class programmes that are Internationally transportable
  • We are committed to the creation of a Centre of Excellence providing unparalleled Knowledge, Competency and Consultancy at an International level
  • We are committed to the creation of an International Credit Directors Index that adds value to Economic forecasting

As we progress as an Association and achieve our Goals and Objectives, we will be constantly mindful of the emerging challenges that will undoubtedly face our Profession. We will remain both vigilant and flexible in relation to those challenges and realign our considerable talents and resources to meet them.

Bill Dunlop.    Chairman and Founder AICDP


Education and the International Professional

AICDP is proof that the limitations of borders and distance are not an obstacle to obtaining access to high quality professional Credit accreditations and achievements.

The Association of International Credit Directors is a partner in the ‘Internationalising the Profession’ initiative, championed by IICM, which has been adopted in the mission statement of FECMA.


It has been said that education is the ability to think clearly, act well in the world of work, and appreciate life.

There is no doubt though that the link between education and individual success is well documented. Education can be used to drive a career.

Education can define a person, it can give you the ability to make your own decisions about who you are and where you want to be.



Through its unique access to a rich pooling of expert mentors, from a broad range of industries, and through its partnerships with Corporate Members, Educational establishments and Credit Management Institutes, we provide and recommend a broad combination of Online, Attended and Blended learning solutions, specifically oriented to the ‘International’ Credit Director and their operations.

Our own AICDP Academy participates in a series of similar academies to form the basis of a truly cooperative and comprehensive educational and Best Practice environment for our members.

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