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Welcome to the New AICDP Passport – Gateway to the International Credit Professional Network.


What is the AICDP Passport: The AICDP Passport is a practical tool for credit professionals that offers Instant and convenient access to career profile, credit qualifications, messages and contacts in AICDP all from a single app. Unlike other professions, Credit has no universal recognition framework. Ask any credit professional if they feel a passport to recognise them is beneficial – the answer is obvious. There is no doubt that as a profession, we all require a formal method to signal our international achievement. AICDP recognise achievements, accreditations and professionals from existing organisations – we are OPEN! The passport is not a badge – it is a symbol of professional achievement and it is earned. Credit Professionals have always been mobile and move between countries during their careers or as part of their role. However, their accreditations have not always been as mobile – the Passport resolves that dilemma. The AICDP Passport grants an identity – helping professionals to earn a valuable statement of capability based in skill and achievement. The AICDP open policy of embracing professionals regardless of affiliation means partners are already embracing the passport as a unique valuable asset for the profession.

There are three levels of Passport available:

  • Practitioner
  • Leader
  • Ambassador

All applications for the Passport go through a strict assessment to review knowledge, qualifications, experience, best-practice and the level of Passport is awarded once AICDP has carried out all necessary checks.

With over 150 profile assessment opportunities, this is the experience we wish our passport holders to employ to full benefit – learn about yourself.

Passports are issued as a Mobile App for convenience. Download from App Stores and access control via AICDP

Additional Benefits

  • There are 16 Countries now represented within AICDP
  • Professionals from Senior to Junior form the network
  • Corporate Partners provide valuable support and service to our members via the network
  • Subject Matter experts help build out our Active Career Profile
  • Passport Partners add to momentum
  • Mobile App – Downloaded from App Stores
  • Linked to AICDP Server for networking and regular messaging
  • All data is private to the individual – sharing is a decision for the individual and is time-limited to support privacy
  • Partner and corporate opportunities to participate within the App

The Passport is an investment in excellence


AICDP Passport – Next Steps If you are interested in finding out more about how AICDP can support you with your Passport Applicationplease visit – http://www.aicdp.global/newpassport/