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We are pleased to welcome Kevin McLaughlin and his company IDPAA as an official Training Partner of AICDP.

Compliance is a critical requirement for credit professionals. Navigating through multi-jurisdictional legal, regulatory and compliance obligations requires access to someone who understands the practical steps needed to be compliant. Kevin’s unique skill combination of legal, credit process, business process and information technology provide both insight as well as practical application to a complex area. Kevin’s courses form part of the AICDP International Certified Credit Professional programme, and provide AICDP accreditation to the student, together with membership of AICDP.

Kevin is a significant addition to our focussed group of training partners, each with dedicated areas of specialisation, and provides a clear pathway through a complex area.

The International Certified Credit Professional education programme, including Kevin’s courses, delivers a full syllabus from Foundation through to MBA and provides a credible platform for education and training for international credit professionals whether they are seeking to do things better or wish to do better things.

I am pleased to welcome Kevin, on behalf of AICDP, to our education group, and for adding his practical yet enlightening contribution to our sophisticated blended learning solution to fit the varying needs of our steadily growing international community.

Frank Moroney