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AICDP Membership

AICDP Membership


AICDP Membership offers a wealth of benefits including:

  • An innovative approach challenging traditional perceptions
  • Thought leadership for credit professionals
  • Expert updates on economic and technology developments from our partners
  • A comprehensive  skills development, training and education programme
  • Quality accreditation programmes for credit organisations
  • Events and Webinars featuring expert speakers on a wide range of topics

AICDP Training & Education

AICDP Dynamics provides a tiered programme  with a focus on skills needed to advance credit professionals to  executive positions.

AICDP Dynamics provides a training programme that can implemented across multiple geographies ensuring  a consistent level of training. For further information on our Education programme, please visit – Education

Events and Webinar programme – click here to see forthcoming webinars & Events

AICDP run an extensive events and webinar programme covering areas such as

  • Economic briefings
  • Behavioural skills,
  • Technology updates
  • Cultural/political/legal developments
  • Q mark accreditation
  • Engagement

AICDP work closely with our quality Partners who are committed to our ideals and who bring subject matter expertise to our membership.

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