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Centre of Excellence

A significant test of the commitment and strength of an organisation is when they practice what they preach. We took that challenge seriously in launching our Centre of  Excellence. We have a role and responsibility to develop the profession and we have a pool of expertise that allows us to generate valuable knowledge that we impart in our various education programmes. But we also have specialist consulting capability that harnesses that same pool of expertise to deliver tangible value to business today.

Beginning with our cross-border legal and collection professional team, we can address the challenges you face and in the process can link that to your Best Practice endeavours. You can now use current harmonised European legislation and obtain judgment in any European member state. Monitor local law firms for cost and quality of service in each member state. Clearly there are real world cases that need specialist attention, and as Credit Directors, Credit Managers or Order to Cash Managers you may have access to a broad range of providers already. The benefits of operating through the Centre of Excellence are simple:
  •  Access to specialist Professional resources
  •  AICDP assurance of Professional Integrity of our affiliated consultants and their services
  •  Linked to your Best Practice Initiative for Quality Assurance
  •  Linked to Educational programmes for enhancement of Professional Development for you,your team, and future professionals
  •  Refinement of the Credit Management process for most effective use of your valuable resources

Sometimes doing it all for yourself makes sense. Other times handing off is expedient. But at all times, getting the most cost-effective solution with the best return on investment and the highest degree of quality, means getting the job done by people you trust. We specialise in trust because we base our own excellence programmes on our own experiences, we need you to succeed for us to succeed.

If you have an enquiry, a case that requires special attention, or an opportunity where specialist resources provide your best route to success, complete the enquiry below or contact us directly at Centre of Excellence

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