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Will BREXIT happen?


How does BREXIT affect us as Credit Professionals


Are we ready?

Things that form our opinion

Things we should be doing today

Legal/Regulatory aspects we should be aware of

Things we need to prepare for

Things we should know that form our opinion

As credit professionals we will be asked inside our companies and by colleagues if we believe BREXIT will happen. While it can only be an opinion, helping us to make that an informed opinion is something we must give some time and energy to …..

Here are the events or signals that in AICDP we see as significant in indication the likely outcome ……

What may once have been interpreted as an aspiration has quickly shifted into what looks more like intent, and could easily be understood to be firm policy at this stage
The TRUMP effect
In a rapidly changing world, has the election of Donald Trump made BREXIT more or less likely?. Certainly his position on trade agreements would signal ……..
The Trend specialists
Information providers and market specialists who have applied specialist resource to track the situation help us to understand what signals they consider most relevant……..