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Education at AICDP

The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP), through its extensive network of domain experts, and with a dedicated team of operational international credit executives, provides an extensive range of education and training programmes designed specifically for the creation, management and operation of International Credit & Risk centres.

International Certified Credit Professional (iCCP) provides a unique combination of education, training, mentoring and accreditation.

Visit our Academy Portal for full details on our education courses, our iCCP Framework, our Credit Quality Initiative (QMark) and Vendor Quality Initiative (IVQMark).

Learn from our experience and expand your knowledge base by understanding the DNA and Competency models that help you assess and develop your skills. Using a crafted blended learning model, enjoy the convenience of our online facilities, the availability of our experts and the attended classes for MasterClass subjects.

Access our team of specialists to help you choose a programme that best fits your needs and the needs of your business.

QMark presents the perfect challenge to your business and is integrated with iCCP to ensure your education efforts are fully rewarded while enhancing the view of the credit operation within the business. Combining iCCP and QMark, AICDP helps you formulate career plans and development plans to add to increasing global pool of international credit professionals.