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The role of Attitude & Behaviour in iCCP

The iCCP education programme is geared to fully equip executives in the challenging world of the Credit Professional beyond the levels currently available using conventional training and education programmes. In conjunction with our iCCPMBA and ICD Dynamics programmes, it was essential to give prominence to training in Attitude & Behaviour. The role of Attitude & Behaviour in the DNA criteria was significant and features highly when assessing candidates for DNA compatibility.  Our focus on excellence is a key principle in formulating and developing our education and training programmes and our iCCPA&B programme. As with each of our programmes, the choice of partner is the key to the success of the programme.


Dropping The Pilot (Partnering for Excellence)

From inception in 2014 AICDP have been acutely aware of the importance of behavioural development to Credit Professionals. Our identification of the DNA of an International Credit Director resulted in behavioural skills featuring highly when compared with technical skills. We believe this is the key which unlocks all other skills development and functional training.

The AICDP Certified Credit Professional MBA Programme provides a route for Credit Professionals to achieve an educational pinnacle in their profession through one of the most highly thought-of online learning providers in the world.

The ICD Academy is the educational arm of AICDP. It provides high-level, practical learning and development in all aspects of International Credit Management . . . truly World Class.

Dropping the Pilot is our chosen, accredited Business Partner for all behavioural development work. In addition, they have written ICD Dynamics Modules for the Certified Credit Professional +MBA Programme.


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