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AICDP Membership

We believe the time is right for Credit professionals of all levels to benefit from an organisation that shares best practice, information and experience among credit professionals who are performing vital functions at the heart of their firms. We extend a warm welcome to those who are looking to join the AICDP.

Read our AICDP Member Proposition 2019 to see the full benefits

AICD provides support and advice on organisational structure and organisational change similar to ones transitioning to Shared Service Centre models, and is a focal point for international economic media who want information and commentary on international credit and collection matters.

If you are a Credit Professional looking to enhance your career then AICDP membership is for you.  We are dedicated to promoting the skills, capabilities and experience that credit professionals of today possess.

Operating Principles

  • AICDP focuses on making things happen
  • The things we make happen create Cohesion and enhance Excellence within our Profession
  • Our focus is Global and we represent Credit Directors/Executives operating both within and/or across borders and we recognise all of these as part of the ‘International’ Credit Director community.
  • Our membership is drawn from (by invitation or recommendation) Established, Respected and Successful Senior Credit Professionals who possess “The DNAof an International Credit Director” as defined by our Association in 2014
  • Corporate membership is drawn from (by invitation or recommendation) from Industry vendors who will contribute an annual Membership fee. Membership is based on a named individual being identified by the Association as being “A Subject Matter Expert” in their particular area of expertise
  • AICDP is not to be regarded as a platform for the promotion of Personal or Corporate Capability
  • AICDP Respects and Supports all Institutes, Forums and Associations that were created for the Betterment of the Profession and we actively seek areas of joint endeavour and cooperation for the Betterment of the Profession.

If you are interested in becoming a member of AICDP, please contact info@aicdp.global or call +44 (0)1925 766604

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